Let’s go back to the very roots of the championships, that is, until 1971, in which the world’s largest competitive empire was created. It all started in California – the most recognizable region in the world, in a place that is the center of the American corporation Creative Age Publication, founded by Deborah Carver.

Creative Age is a synergy of cosmetics professionals publishing NAILPRO, Beauty Lanchpad, The Colorist, Beauty Store Business, DAYSPA, Medesthetics, MAN, and Eye Lash magazines. Creative Age manages over 2.5 million active and dedicated professionals in their fields. Magazines support all segments of the professional cosmetics market, from nails styling rooms to cosmetics, hairdressers, day spas, medical spas, spa hotels, health centers, classic and permanent cosmetics studios, eyelashes, schools, and points of sale for professionals, distributors for manufacturers. In 1990, Deborah identified Creative Age as the leading source of knowledge for the professional cosmetics industry.

Over the years, Creative Age has won many awards, including 22 Maggies and ABBY, 3 Ozzies, 10 Certificate of Excellence and the Intercoiffure Press award. Deborah is also the winner of the prestigious 2018 City of Hope’s Laureate title.

From the very beginning, NAILPRO had the most powerful force, focusing on professionalism and uniqueness while maintaining the highest standards. The project has gained worldwide recognition in more than 100 countries, which was appreciated by the icon of the nail industry – Tom Holcomb.

Tom Holcomb was a ten-time world champion, a six-time Japanese champion, and a two-time world champion in Munich and Dusseldorf. During his career, he has been associated with various manufacturers, including the Premium Nail Product (first name is Tom Holcomb Nail Product), Galaxy Nail Products, EZ Flow and Entity Beauty.

Tom Holcomb was an innovator, creator, and passionate about the industry. Although he died prematurely in 2011, when he was only 44 years old, he created a reference point for the perfect artificial nail. Until now, this style is considered the standard of excellence for nail stylist.

According to Jewell Cunningham, NAILPRO Global Director, “when NAILPRO judges evaluate nail modeling, they imply the rules and standards set by Tom.” “Tom knew that he was good, even wonderful, but he always felt that it could be better. We at NAILPRO are grateful to his family, who gave us exceptional consent to honor his legacy. ”

NAILPRO GLOBAL, NAIL COMPETITIONS is an American dream, which since 2014 has been among the number for stylists from Europe. Victoria Klopotova (Ukraine), an international champion in nail modeling, a respected author of industry publications, a student and friend of Tom Holcomb, and now a Creative Age partner, is developing Nailpro in Europe.

NAILPRO is a one-of-a-kind project that offers all masters keen on creative solutions for nail extension and design incredible competitions that constantly develop innovative, revolutionary market ideas that encourage nail stylists to cross their own strengths and boundaries of comfort and achieve a completely new level of creative and artistic development.

10 reasons to participate in the Championship Nailpro Europe:

1. Nailpro is one of the most prestigious world championships, which paved the way for world recognition of such a nail industry legend as Tom Holcomb, who has repeatedly won this contest. Also Nailpro champions are Trang Nguyen, Masutong Pisut, Lynn Lammers, Lorena Marquez, Rachel Martison and many others.

2. The main prize of the Nailpro European Championship for the competition year, a fully paid trip and participation in the WORLD NAILPRO CUP World Championship in Long Beach, USA, as well as the European Champion title!

3. Winners receive cups, medals, and cash prizes!

4. The panel of judges of competitions and the Championship – certified and independent judges from the USA, Europe, Asia, Europe. This makes Nailpro Europe the most fair, transparent and objective competition.

5. Even if you are a novice master and appear in the beginners’ division, you will have the opportunity in certain categories to take part in a team with veterans and thus learn a lot. In addition, your work will receive an assessment of the world judges of the nail industry experts, your name will be on their ears and you will be able to get valuable advice and recommendations from them on the technique of the work.

6. Nailpro Europe is an international competition in which masters and teams from different countries take part! Nailpro Europe Championship gives you the opportunity to get a unique international competitive experience and recognition on the world stage!

7. Nailpro Europe is a competition that takes place in 9 countries, and also masters from all over the World have an additional opportunity to take part in an online competition – Nailpro Nailapalooza Europe!

8. Winners of Nailpro EEU will get an opportunity to compete in Nailpro Global Cup that is about to launch in the nearest future and fight with champions from Asia and USA for the World Champion title!

9. Nailpro is a powerful prestigious championship that’s why participation will upgrade your professional skills.

10. Nailpro is a really respectable brand all over the world. Such item in your CV is better than 10 others. Participation in Nailpro will be the start of a bright future and will help you to get beneficial suggestions from world nail trade marks, invitations to attend classes abroad or even to teach abroad. It’s a huge investment into your name, status and professional level.

Join to the world nail guru and become a winner!It’s an opportunity to prove that you’re the best!

„Competitions were established in 2001 as a series of competitive events held across the country. The competitions have grown since then to include the Nailpro Cup Series, in which competitors’ scores are accumulated across 37 different competitions held at six different events. The competitions challenge competitors’ artistic and technical skills in an array of different formats, including soak-off gels, free-style sculptured nails and, of course, nail art.“
Jewell Cunningham